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Dancewave Center

A modern and traditional dance school in Jakarta, a facility that provides dance classes for people who are passionate about dance or simply like to have fun. Our main goal is to inspire people to dance and understand more about this art form. Dancewave Center is a place for everyone who wants to have a positive activity and discover hidden talents. Basically, Dancewave Center have a dance fever and want to 'infect' everyone.

Desain Grafis Indonesia

DGI (Indonesia Graphic Design) is a collaborative foundation that focuses on developing graphic design in Indonesia through history recording, archiving of artifacts, publications, discourses, awards, and various other activities. Starting from the penchant of collecting and recording, DGI now serves as a data center, study, and media graphic design information in Indonesia.


With a goal to help designers build their team and brand than mainstream social networking platforms, Disen is a vibrant community and social network for anyone who cares design. There is a tremendous number of web designers, logo designers, graphic designers, typographers as well as illustrators showing and presenting their creative works.

First Image Management

FIM is an exciting model platform for new faces, aspiring models and professional models. Our model network connects individuals with reputable agencies and photographers around the world. Modeling industry professionals use our services regularly to find models and discover new talent. We also assist young rising stars to reach their goal of nationwide appearances.

Forum Desain Grafis Indonesia

FDGI is a graphic design forum in Indonesia that is open to the public responsiblity and concerned about the development of graphic design of Indonesia.

Oline Group

Oline Group was founded by Caroline F Sunarko in 2009, which begins with a move in the field of event organizer. This is motivated by the experience of several times managing activities around the scope of graphic design.

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